About Alfred Walendowski

A well-regarded attorney based in Melville, New York, Alfred Walendowski has served in private practice since 1997. Throughout his nearly 15-year tenure as an attorney, Mr. Walendowski has worked to serve individuals and corporations, providing a wide range of legal services in commercial and general civil matters. As an attorney, Alfred Walendowski specializes in transactional and commercial law and has counseled both lenders and borrowers in many commercial and residential real estate transactions. Since opening his law offices in 1997, Alfred Walendowski has closed more than a thousand real estate transactions, including large contracts in excess of $30 million.

As an attorney and member of the New York State Bar Association, Mr. Alfred Walendowski frequently receives clients based on referrals from other attorneys and business professionals. As a trusted attorney in the state of New York, Walendowski has worked in negotiating financing for multimillion-dollar real estate projects that include a blend of financing sources, ranging from debt and equity to mezzanine financing. An experienced attorney, Mr. Alfred Walendowski graduated from Ithaca College in New York in June 1993, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science.

After receiving his B.A., Alfred Walendowski was accepted to Brooklyn Law School, where he studied from September 1993 to June 1996. After completing his Juris Doctor in June 1996, he began his career as an attorney. As an attorney, Mr. Alfred Walendowski and the team at his law office have assisted many clients through the legal ramifications of mortgage difficulties and foreclosure in recent years. As an attorney, Alfred Walendowski defended a client facing foreclosure in August 2010, eventually succeeding in helping his client to obtain a loan modification in December 2010.

The loan modification enabled the client to remain in his home and avoid foreclosure while also lowering the interest rate on his loan to only 2 percent for the initial period of the modification. In his work with foreclosure cases, Mr. Alfred Walendowski understands the difficult realities of the law and the economic climate and endeavors to find a solution for each client that brings about the best possible outcome.


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